Amazon Prime Canada’s challenges

I know huge gamer fans that are really into twitch Prime, and I know people who like to drop in and play a game for an hour or two here and there, on a weekend or whatever, and Amazon Prime gives them this free future for them to utilize and fulfill whatever hobby it is they want. Amazon Prime Canada also provides a whole lot of cloud storage for photos, in fact, it is an unlimited amount of photo storage space, for free even websites like Dropbox end up paying once you get into the unlimited territory, they end up being pretty expensive, whereas Amazon Prime will just provide you this amount of space in your membership, so if you think about how this comes into play, as well as the deals on shipping and products, as well as the fact that you don’t have to play expensive games anymore or pay for your video streaming from a service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Canada ends up looking like a pretty amazing choice for consumers in today’s day and age, especially when you consider that they’ve recently purchased Whole Foods. Now, I don’t know what kind of effect the purchase of an institution like Whole Foods, which is completely American, though it is extremely well regarded in the United States and is basically known as the most high-end, exclusive, interesting, and high-quality grocery store chain in the country, will have an effect on Amazon Prime Canada. I mean, it won’t have an immediate effect, but the trend has generally been that the Canadian version of Amazon Prime has always just been a little bit behind the American version, so it makes you wonder if Amazon Prime’s purchase Whole Foods is going to end up having some kind of impact on Amazon Prime Canada. I think that is pretty exciting.