Fashion and quality for my mom


Last year, I remember the time when I had my first job I bought a really nice bag for my mother. It wiped my salary but I am not regretting that result. When I presented it to her, she was really surprised. I think I even saw a glint of tear in her eyes because it was her first time to get a present from me. Before, I only give my mother birthday cards but that’s only that I can afford. After that fir every year during her birthday, I always make time to buy special gift for her. and each year- she is always surprised with my gift. Two years ago, I gave her a really nice poncho which she used when we went to Tokyo. I also gave her a cute luggage five years ago. Last year, I gave her an oven so she can chase her vision of becoming a baker. She even baked some googies for us. This year, I saw the best wooden watches  being sold online which I think will fit for her. She loves watches and I never gifted her with one so I think this wood watch can be added to her growing collection of watches in her cabinet.