Looking back to the old times



Are you fond of scrapbooking? When I was in fifth grade, I am into scrapbooking. I made about six of them, each documenting my life in grade school. I continued doing so in high school  but this time, it is not just scrapbooks where I put my memorabilia. I now dedicated a wooden box for the tokens and memorabilias I get. In my box there are concert and bus tickets that have sentimental value on me. I also put pillows, books, booksmarks, and some remarkable souvners during my travels. One significant token I kept is a wooden watch from Zegarki which was given to me by my professor when I passed my thesis. She said I am the brightest in the class I deserve having one. I kept when the battery ran out and it still looked amazing an buauiful as it is when I first received it. In my box there are also tumblers, ID laces, keychains, and postcards during my international field trip.